Our Mission

Our mission is to create welcoming and vibrant Jewish communities for teens to learn and connect with each other, explore Jewish culture and history, and discover opportunities for deeper engagement.

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Our Vision

JSU is more than just a high school club. It is a welcoming and vibrant Jewish community where teens learn and connect with each other, explore Jewish culture and history, and discover opportunities for deeper engagement. From just four clubs in Los Angeles in 2002, JSU has grown into a national network of over 320 clubs, transforming the high school experience for more than 14,000 students across North America every year.

Through immersive experiences in social leadership, cultural programming, and domestic and overseas trips, teens can expect to meet new people, learn new things, and explore new horizons.

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The JSU Commitment

When you come to JSU, you will...

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Devora Simon
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Rabbi Shlomo Mandel
Field Manager
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Deeni Hass
Project Manager
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Shani Muschel
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JSU Student Executive Board 2022

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Explore JSU Careers

If you are looking to join a collaborative, forward-thinking, and passionate team changing the lives of over 14,000 Jewish teens every year, then you should consider joining JSU. Our staff is composed of visionary professionals with a personal excitement for actualizing the JSU mission. View our open opportunities to discover where you can contribute.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • JSU is a national network of 320+ clubs in high schools across North America, impacting 14,000 teens every year. 

    If you are a high school student who is looking for a welcoming, vibrant, and social community to connect with Jewish peers and fellow students, learn about Jewish culture and history, and discover fun and meaningful experiences, then JSU is the place for you.

    With a host of programs and activities, JSU has something for everyone, and we are always excited to welcome in new teens.

  • When you come to JSU, you will:

      • Join a welcoming community of Jewish teens
      • Explore Jewish culture, history, and identity
      • Discover fun, exciting, and meaningful experiences
      • Empower yourself with Jewish pride

    JSU is your space to connect, explore, and discover.

  • JSU actively welcomes and accepts Jewish teens of all backgrounds and affiliations, fostering an inclusive and open community. We accept students regardless of their Jewish practice and equally encourage them to participate in our programming and activities, including leadership positions. JSU also promotes and encourages teens to actively partake in its Jewish activities and programming — whether “cultural” or “religious” — while being mindful and respectful of teens’ personal practice and expectations.

  • JSU is always creating new opportunities both in and out of school for teens to grow as leaders. Two of our popular leadership programs are the JSU Leadership Institute (JSU-LI) and our annual Presidents Conference.

    JSU-LI is a fellowship that will empower you to develop and master leadership skills through hands-on experience and Jewish learning. By preparing and operating weekly Jewish educational opportunities that are immersive, accessible, and thought-provoking, this innovative group of teen leaders from across the globe learns to engage peers and promote Jewish values. 

    Our annual Presidents Conference gathers JSU club presidents and leaders from schools across America and Canada for two immersive days of transformative leadership training, critical skill building, and understanding serious Jewish issues. When it ends, teens return to their schools empowered with the tools, ideas, and projects necessary to lead their JSU clubs toward a year of success. You can learn more here.

  • You can find JSU clubs thriving across 26 states — search for yours here. If there isn’t one near you now, then you can start a JSU club of your own! To learn more about that, fill out the form here.

  • JSU is a program of NCSY, the youth movement of the Orthodox Union.