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The JSU Experience

When you come to JSU, you join a welcoming community of Jewish teens where you can explore Jewish culture, history, and identity, and discover fun, meaningful, and exciting programs, all while empowering yourself with Jewish pride.

Jewish Holiday Parties: Friends, Food, and Fun

Holidays are times for festivities and celebrations — but Jewish holidays do it so much better. You can join JSU for pre-holiday parties to fill your Rosh Hashanah Chanukah, Sukkot, Purim, and more with friends, food, and fun.

A Shabbat Like No Other: Friday Night Dinners and Shabbatons

Between Friday night dinners and weekend retreats, JSU is here to deliver the special Shabbat experience with delicious meals and inspiring programming.

Adventures Abroad and at Home: Travels and Trips

If you’re looking for the adventures of a lifetime, between JSU Summer and Relief Missions, we have you covered. Whether travel across Europe, North America, and Israel or discovering immersive, hands-on experiences for those in crisis, you will create memories and impacts that last a lifetime.

Aspire: Yarchei Kallah: Immersive Learning and an Unforgettable Retreat

A five-day retreat with hundreds of Jewish public school teens from across North and South America, Aspire: Yarchei Kallah is an unforgettable experience to connect, learn, and have an incredible time. From immersive Torah study to world-renowned speakers, teens deepen their Jewish identity, amplify their Jewish pride, and create new connections with friends for life.

Leadership Cohorts and Fellowships

To empower teen leadership in all areas, JSU is home to exclusive leadership opportunities that offer hands-on leadership workshops, mentorship, and programming while connecting you with student leaders and renowned educators across North America.

Latte and Learn: Education With Every Cup

Enjoy education with every cup by learning more about your Jewish heritage in local coffee shops with JSU advisors and friends.

Want more?

This is just a snapshot of the JSU experience. To learn more about the available opportunities at JSU or to answer any questions, contact us here!

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